Sullen v.5



Eventful Return Home

Sunday, June 05, 2005

"The minute you feel slightly bored, bam! Along comes something (or someone) that knocks your socks right off. Respond with all the creativity you can muster -- only your best will do now."

My time home thus far has been great -- despite my car not working the day I got back.
The day before yesterday Der* took me to see "The Skanksters" which was actually a really good jazz band (or he says they're "Ska"?). We hung out with some of his friends who seemed pretty cool too.
Yesterday Ky* called and invited me to go camping.. only thing was that I had to be ready in 30 minutes, but it gave me a good excuse to not go to the wedding of an extended-friend (someone I'm not close to at all but was told by family that I "should go"). So anyway. I was ready to go to the wedding, but camping gave me a good excuse to change plans and at the last minute went camping in Sedona with Ky* and another friend of his. For a little while it was looking like we weren't going to camp afterall since all of the places were filled up in the creek area.. but we were determined and ended up camping out of the canyon area, but it was still good times.. in-fact I think it was better than somewhere in the canyon because we were *truly* more in the wilderness (despite some people camping around us who were kind of obnoxious). It's been a little while since I've gone camping pee-in-the-woods-type-of-situation, lol, so it was a great "roughing it" experience. We went unprepared in a lot of respects, but it was still great to collect wood.. build a fire.. I brought "The Question Book" so we had some fun asking each other random questions which would deter into long conversations.. his friend brought the guitar and they took turns playing.. ate smores.. then we all slept in a tent for two and froze my ass off at night and baked in the sun in the morning. lol. Good times! After we packed everything up the following afternoon (today), we went for a hike up a nearby hill, and on the way down Ky* paused, put his hand out to motion me to stop... and I discovered we were right next to a hissing snake!! Ahh! Scary stuff.. I was surprised he heard it at all, and we didn't see it at first, but it was pretty huge when I did see it and ran *fast* down the hill.
I remembered last night that I was supposed to hangout with Jen* and go see a movie, so we're gonna catch up this afternoon and go see some random movie. And apparently Cola*, PJ*, and Jo* are all coming up next weekend. I haven't seen PJ, a great friend, for years.. so I reallly hope I can at least catch up with them a little. It's going to be tough because I haven't seen all of them for a while, and they're just coming up for -that- weekend, and it's also the weekend Michelle arrives.. soo... hummm... I'm gonna need to find a little time to visit with my other friends, hopefully Michelle won't mind visiting with them too? I don't want to make it awkward for her, and she's definitely my main priority to look after her interests as my 'special guest'. :)

Training for work officially starts tomorrow! 8 sharp!