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Saturday, June 18, 2005

I'm stuck this weekend in Phx. It's a little bit of a bummer since I'd *much* rather be home where it's nice and cool and not boiling hot (camping, Sedona, going to a party, or some other fun thing..), but it's ok. We had to drop Michelle off at the Phx airport at 5 in the morning. Ouch.. not the best time to fly out, but at least she got a good deal on her ticket. I hope she enjoyed her visit. Sometimes it was hard for me to tell since she tends to keep to herself at times, or was working on the computer a lot. She -did- read my post (regarding me believing myself to be a "terrible hostess," and told me that she didn't feel that way at all.. so I'm just going to take her word on that :P). I guess, for her, just being in Flagstaff and being able to relax a bit was nice .. I couldn't help but feel a little bad though that we couldn't do more since I had a full-time job and would often come home exhausted at the end of my day. At any rate, I really enjoyed her being able to visit. We had an *excellent* "dance party" the night before we had to drive to Phx. Haha. Me, being a "natural drunk"-sometimes... was in a *very* crazy mood.. and my brother had his *very* crazy music on.. and it led to my *very* crazy dancing.. entertaining both Michelle and my brother, haha. Yeeeeeaa-hhh. To say the least, I have some rockin' moves.. They're so rockin' that I don't think anyone would ever try to copy them... and I'll just leave it at that. :)

What-else. Nothing. This past week was full of work work work! It was such a productive week for me! I met my goal (to book 4-weeks worth of 'cool' projects for my kids).. dealt with an irrate parent (she had the nerve to tell me "Well I thought first-come-first-serve!".. she *really* wants her kid to get the position, but I won't even start interviewing until the 22nd! And it's a frickin' JOB.. not first-come-whatever..) ... since I finished booking projects on thursday, I spent a good amount of time on friday attempting to book "educational speakers". I had to research any people who may speak for free, and then call them and ask them to come to my project site. So-Far I have called: Habitat for Humanity, Peace Corps, (a few other smaller orgs).. and booked: College Speaker, and AmeriCorps speaker. .. I don't think any of the other CRE* leaders have done this, much less even considered it... I was also given some inside info. on a Native American Art Exhibit at the Museum, and it just happens to be during the time I've scheduled some work over at the Museum.. so I'm definitely going to make sure my kids get a tour of that as well. My supervisor was at a meeting this entire past week, so I'm excited to give her the DL on where I'm at with everything... hopefully I haven't overlooked anything crucial or made some huge error.... honestly, I think for the most part, she will be very impressed. My goal these two weeks is to be or-ga-nized to a "T" so that the upcoming 4-weeks are a breeze. I'd rather have the 4-remaining weeks for perfecting things, rather than scrambling to put "something" together. I already have the "something"(s) taken care of, now it's just a matter of making those things shine and making everyone happy.

Nothing else? jmmno. Jokingly told Cola a week ago that I was "waiting for 'co-worker' to ask me out..".. this Fri. he -did- ask me to go to Sedona w/ him (although I don't exactly consider that 'asking out').. and happened to be going to my favorite spot.. and I knew that Michelle wanted to go too so I thought it would be a good opportunity (and he offered to drive).. but.. we needed to drive to Phx. that night, and I still need to heed my no-co-worker-after-hr-interaction rule.. plus, there's no way he's seeing me in my bikini. yeeeah right.

Looking forward to a few days of rest now, even though I do wish it was being spent back home. I won't be able to make it to yet more soccer games this sunday, but after this sun. I'll begin playing.... God-willing.. lately I've been having issues with asthma (never before)... not just after exercising, but it gets *really* bad at night. blah.
And this upcoming week should be pretty busy: shadowing one of my co-workers at her work site (already begun), booking more speakers, arranging ice breakers, looking at apps/interviewing/selecting kids, driving out to the museum with co-worker-dude on Fri. to check out the site .....

Aw and Michelle just text-messaged to let me know she got in safely. Great to hear! :)

basta per notte.

"It's time to slow down your social life. A recent bump in the road has left you feeling bruised, and you just need some time to heal. Private time will be very important, and you may find solace in your work."