Sullen v.5



"Can't Slow Down for No One In Town"

Sunday, June 19, 2005

My guess is that this is the next song to hit the radio by Keane ... but I hope not, because I do adore it not being overplayed by anyone but me at the moment.


"I hold you in cupped hands
and shield you from the storm
and only some idiot
would let you go

but if I'm one thing,
then that's the one thing
I should know


Lost in the sun
can anybody find their home?
Come on come on come on.. can anybody find their home?"


She Has No Time ... gives Sunshine a run for its money.. er, as far as being my 'current favorite' goes:

"You think your days are uneventful
And no one ever thinks about you
She goes her own way
She goes her own way

You think your days are ordinary
And no one ever thinks about you
But we're all the same
And she can hardly breathe without you

She says she has no time for you now
She says she has no time

Think about the lonely people
And think about the day she found you
Or lie to yourself
And see it all dissolve around you"

It's no wonder that Duncan Sheik mentioned this record among some that he liked this year. . very similar to his style in a lot of respects... very musical background contributions to the lyrics.. and what a great voice!

Another beautiful song..

Can't Stop Now
"Back home
I've got troubles of my own
And I can't slow down
For no one in town
And i cant stop now...

The motion keeps my heart from you"

But if no other songs are checked out.. do check out Sunshine... man I love it... especially just blasting this song in my car as I drive over the mountainside with the sun flying over my head and my shades missing every ray, and the wind blowing through my hair.. makes me feel invincible!.. haha.. so yeah, maybe it's not the best song to listen to while driving. :P Love it!!