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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Today marks the realization of a long-held goal in financial history for me. :) Dang proud of that. It's significantly under what I decided (freshman year) I wanted it to be by the end of my senior year, but I hit the "more realistic" goal I decided in my sophomore year (set-back a tiny bit by my year in Italy where I choose not to work). . . and technically it's still not the end of my senior year. ;) If my calculations are correct, and if I *really* kick my butt into gear this upcoming semester working 20 hours a week (honestly unlikely with my 18 credit hours, but I managed to do it 1st term junior year.. it's all about getting a sit-back job during school... i.e. homework-time job. . i.e. the library. Perfect way to make money and still do well in school.. although I still see working unlikely for some reason).
Plus, I'd probably *really* be able to meet that goal if I didn't put alot a significant amount of safe/'play' money aside. It's only scary because I'll need to invest soon, and when I do... it's completely hands-off to that money... leaving me, momentarily, with barely anything (but after investing, mostly everything else earned will become play money.. giving me more of an incentive/choice to work when going to school).
The point is.. I met a goal that I needed before that investment, and now I'm good to go. :) .. except I will probably hold-out for 2 more weeks to establish more confidence/play$ before going into it.
The funny/crazy thing is, the more I realize these goals.. the harder the idea comes that shortly I will have to let go of *everything* I've worked so hard for.. but the fact that I've been preparing myself for this, for years, helps. . . It's still a sucky realization.. but then again.. I choose this.. and I also choose to not live in debt (and lose money to interest) because I am confident that I will rebound very quickly, in only a year, once I have an actual income.
Heck, I might work in sales for a year if I have to.
a) I enjoy it (depending on the job..)
b) I have experience/awards
c) I'm good at it.
which = d) great money can be made.

And then... perhaps.. after a year.. I will go back to school to earn a PA credential... but I only plan to do that under one condition: I have all the money (or most) that I need to get me through.

After PA school.. I will potentially go to zippo-nothin'...

start a PA job, and hopefully I'll be good-to-go for the rest of my life. haha. ahh craziness. All just "big picture" stuff.. who knows though...