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Monday, June 27, 2005

Gotta be honest, I'm kinda over the whole "5 aspirations" thing too (probably because looking back on it I can think of many others that would/should be on the list had I thought of them at the time).. I've never been good at 'mandatory posting' (in some respect), but I want to finish what I started.. haha.. so here goes:

3. To love my job

I think this is important because the truth is we have to work a majority of our life to survive and enjoy what-else life has to offer. I figure I might as well have a job I love to make *living* worthwhile. Making money by doing something that you might otherwise enjoy doing for free makes things feel pretty good.

In some respects, I feel like I've already reached this aspiration in several ways (particularly web design and my current job), but I guess it's on this list because I need to eventually have a steady job that I can hopefully enjoy for years.. and when I think about that, it seems unlikely because I get restless/bored in one place too long... then again.. that's why my current job is great.. and would be great if they took it long-term.. OR.. if I got my supervisor's job (unlikely/random thought), but she *encouraged* me to apply for it *next year* after I graduate, because apparently she's moving up in the rankings to something else.

Losing my cell phone was the best-move-ever, haha, because it required me to drive with my supervisor 1-on-1 for a while (something I thought could be bad OR good), but we had an *excellent* chat in which she gave me some *excellent* advice for my future and suggested future career opportunities for me. I would *LOVE* to have her job... it seems exactly like something I want to do... to be the primary coordinator/supervisor, still going to the major/fun events, but not doing the grunt/labor work. She looks stressed out a lot, but it's the type of stress that I thrive on/enjoy. I call it silly-stress - worrying about details when things are generally covered, but it's still good to consider. It kind of humors me that she *actually* suggested I "might want to think about" applying for her job position next year.... yeah-right... me.. a 21 fresh-out-of-school supervisor of a giant program (she's literally 2nd highest of positions in our entire office).. I really doing think it possible (especially with one girl/co-worker who's pretty-much been waiting for 3-4 years to slip into that position), but who knows..

Anyway. I'm doing my best now to make a good impression, not only because of the off-chance that there may be a better job waiting in a year, but primarily because this program allows me to work on something I'm passionate about: opening doors of opportunity to others. My days go by pretty fast, and I'm stressed sometimes (especially today), but loving every minute of it. I didn't know how to read my supervisor at least, but her and I get along *great* now and I loooove her as my supervisor, haha, and she loves me back.. which is -so- nice (and I'm not saying this for my ego, because she literally did say twice today, "I love you __".. uh, of course in a laughy/friendly-way. :P) Her and I can be pretty sarcastic, so I think that's where our humors connect. Someone says something stupid and we're just like, "..... .. .." or respond sporatically with some obvious answer. Anyway, I get along great with *all* of my coworkers, and it's *so* nice to have everyone's support behind me (congratulated today for my awesome parent's meeting.. which went over fabulously).. I was a little 'sketched out' by one of the top-dogs, thought she might try to undermine my work, but turns out she's trying to sabotage (in my opinion) my other good friend/coworker.. and that's not cool.. so I'm going to have my friend's back, but not get on this other lady's bad-side either.

Anywhoooo.. yeah.. my job right now... it's a lot of work/responsibility.. but it keeps me on my toes and so it works out great. My last job I made a lot of stupid errors with dumb work because it was so mind-numbing - this job is completely different and wonderful. I won't officially start "working" with my CRE* until wed. Tomorrow I have to go to "enrichment day" for another CRE*, but it's cool because we pretty-much order anything from a nice restaurant and have it delivered to us (salmon w/ garlic and herbs/veggies.. etc.. I'm definitely excited for lunch tomorrow :P) I splurged a little in my order because EVERYONE-else ordered baby-back ribs.. more than mine. And I placed an order for $175 from my favorite pizza place.. to be delivered wed. to my opening day. Man... too much foooood. I was just so sick of Subway (at a different opening day today) ... so I had to go with something else. Oh and they bought me a pair of $100 boots today because I certainly didn't plan on buying the required boots for this job... and ohhh they are nice.

SO to spare further typing.. because I could probably go-on with my absolute joy with my current job.. I'll just end it by saying I met my CRE* today and they all seem like very nice/respectable kids. Apparently one CRE* leader knows one of the boys and says he is ADD, but I just said, "oh well.. we're gonna need energy in this group anyway.." .. they all showed up on time (which a coworker described as "unprecedented"), and they all brought the required-documents I told them to bring (except one minor mixup).. which the lady, who takes care of that stuff, said was still very good. So at any rate... I'm already super impressed with my group and look forward to meeting with them. They seem very diverse, but I'll only *really* get a feel for their personalities on opening day. Until then --

oh yeah, I want to love my job in the future.. but really I already do.. I just hope I can continue to find awesome jobs like this.