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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Yes! Rock on. So I had my phone interview at noon, and I just received a call back (4 hours later).. informing me that, "We would love to have you on board here at _______"

Woooo!! I am really excited about this... really excited.. I hope my expectations aren't too high, but I'm looking forward to it. 40 hours a week.. higher pay than I'm receiving now... but first and foremost.. it's going to be *rewarding*. I've always wanted a position where I can have a serious role in making a difference in the lives of somewhat-neglected teenagers. It's evident through extensive work (volunteer and paid) that I have done in the past that demonstrates my passion for this. I like to this that I can be a positive role model for teenagers and help them realize their potential.. I'm a strong believer that if teenagers are given the right resources, pointed in the right direction, and given a little push/something to jump from.. that they can go on to pursue any dream they have for their future. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt.. my all-time favorite quotation. I've never really wanted to be an 'educator', per se, but have definitely always wanted a role as a positive influence to provide means for opportunity to disadvantaged people.. and this allows me to do that: deciding on the guest speakers .. selecting the students I feel are the best candidates for the program.. deciding on a fun/enrichment day/activities.. collaborating with them on a project.. and I love contributing to the betterment of my city, so working on a 'community enrichment' program with these students is great. . . assisting with resumes.. ... and what I love about this is that *I'm* in charge for the most part. And I love that there are separate teams with other people like myself leading them.. because it's nice to be in a job with other co-workers who are probably similar to myself.. and hopefully my co-workers are around my age.. because I've found it a little difficult to work with people who aren't exactly on the same page with me when it comes to age. There's a little bit of a "I'm-superior-to-you-complex" that I don't take too well internally, but I still take it.. and they probably are superior.. I just don't like it.. I'd rather be running the show I guess. :P

What I'll be doing:
Hired as a CREW Leader for TeenWorks.
"...After the training week, the crew leaders will begin collecting applications for the crews, completing interviews with the teens and ultimately selecting their crew. In addition to selecting their crew, the crew leaders also have to be planning their opening day with their crew. This will mean getting someone to come in and do team-building, planning for guest speakers, including the County Board of Supervisors, and arranging for lunch for the group.
Once the crew has been selected, the crew leaders not only have to assist the teens with completing the projects, they also have to set up educational opportunities for the teens, manage their daily work, and also plan an enrichment day..."
Complete Job description in its entirety here

Anyway. This is definitely awesome news because it allows me to go home to a job now.. no worries of needing to find a job when I get back (the process alone wouldn't be realistic considering the few months I plan on working). What's nice about this job too is that it is only SET to run a couple of months and ends exactly when I need it to.. I was upfront about when I will be needing the time off to go to Costa Rica.. so I'm really pleased that they still hired me because they hired me knowing all of the facts .. good deal! :)