Sullen v.5



"There are so many reasons I could give you why I should be down."

Friday, May 06, 2005

I don't really know who reads this journal, but after today I'm a little curious.

After my little venting post last night, pretty much alluding to how disgusted I am with guys sometimes, I couldn't have been more pleasantly reminded today as to how many *good* guys are in my life.. just by them expressing appreciation or friendly love in some way. It really was nice actually. To start my day off, I was pretty shocked when I saw an old/good friend from school, Ry*.. calling me up.. wondering when I'm coming 'home' (AZ, since his family recently moved there). Unfortunately he's leaving to another state for a summer job opportunity, so we'll miss each other in the beginning of the summer, but apparently he'll be back in August before school starts.. so if we're both around AZ.. I would absolutely love to catch up with Ry, esp. considering he is one of the people that I talked to in-depth about DC before deciding to attend.. and he really helped me with my last-minute decision to attend. He's such an awesome friend too - one of the few who can communicate with me on a highly intellectual level. .. and I love his laughter (maybe I have a small crush? haha.. kidding..) It's weird because I have several other 'very intellectual'-type friends, but that doesn't necessarily mean I can *communicate* with them on a good level.. whereas others I can for *hours*.. weird how that works. I think the last time him and I had a chance to talk, it was for 3+ hours.. good times! :) But it was nice, that he was thinking of me and thought to call..

and later another friend from school left me a message while I was away: "'lin' how I miss you!" .. small message but very sweet of him. :)

In general I just received a lot of nice calls/IMs today from good guys I am happy to have met throughout 'life'.

*smiles.. sighs with happiness* .. I have this quotation up as my away message right now, and it really sums up how I feel:

"friendship is precious, not only in shade, but in the sunshine of life; and thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things, the greater part of life is sunshine"

Sure there will be some darkness, but "thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things, the greater part of life is sunshine.." ... so true.

Ouch. Except I think I have a black eye.. too much 'fighting' w/ the guys.. haha.. that sounds kinda wrong. But seriously, me being the only one they can pick on now.. man.. I take some crap.. and I think we were fighting and they were being silly, using my own hand against me.. "stop punching yourself!".. something my dad/mom would do when I was young actually.. teasingly.. but I/they managed to hit my own eye (not like they were directly aiming for the eye though..haha). blah. it hurts pretty badly. And tonight.. blaaahh.. they've discovered my ultimate weakness!.. tickling. Ahh. I can't even go get an examination by a doctor without freaking out because I am -so- ticklish.. pillow fighting/wrestling was fine, because getting whacked/picked up is one thing.. but tickling is far far far worse than anything.. and I get pretty violent, as one person found out tonight when I smacked them in the mouth (involuntary.. not my fault).. so anyway...

things are ok.. despite my grievances last night.