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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Whoever has AOL (At least that's where I accessed it), should read the report: "Protests Spread After Report of U.S. Desecration of Koran
Angry Demonstrators Rally From Gaza to Indonesia"

The pictures are frightening, and the fact that this was a united protest among "thousands" is even more frightening. There's always going to be Anti-American sentiment, but when there are large demonstrations in a united manner..... that is most disturbing to me. Heh. There are two things, in my perspective, that draw action toward any type of goal (iow: key things to effective leadership): communication and the ability to create unity (thereby giving people a sense of common identity.. Nationalism is the best example of this).

Us being in Iraq and other places.. wow.. I'm just going to stop typing, partially because I know people will lash out at what I have to say and it's honestly not my goal/will to influence people with my perspective anymore. I tried with this new election, and the way the election ended up completely dismays me. I guess I'm someone who feels like I see the big picture in life (I'm sure everyone feels like this with any belief), but I feel I'm more accurate with this.. many temperament tests that are used by businesses and other large agencies to hire people have also came up with these results (as it turns out, this is why I am effective in positions of advice (psychology)/research). It's interesting because I recently took the "MAPP" (a renowned job placement exam), and among my top placement is psychology due to an ability to look at several factors and pinpoint issues. I say interesting because psychology was my last resort in college to find a major that works, and fortunately it ended up fitting 100%.

Anyway. Here is the link to the article, for those who have access to aol articles.