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Thursday, May 12, 2005

I was beginning to get worried that the professor I e-mailed about 2 weeks ago had not received my e-mail or forgotten about me. I felt like I was practically begging for him to take me as a 'directed studies' student ("I -need- this for me to decide what to do after graduation.. med school vs. workforce", "I am doing an internship right now that demonstrates my interest in your area of scientific studies (neuroscience)", "excelling in my psych. classes..", "I live in AZ but will drive to the campus, CA, to speak/interview with you if necessary") ..

I was just about to call him (because after talking to my mother, she's right, they *want* to be nagged about this sort of thing to see who's seriously dedicated/interested..), but luckily he sent me this e-mail:

"What an exciting work in DC you are doing with SFN! I would be very
interested in hearing about your courses in brain injury too. The lab
is extremely full right now and in the Fall but let's meet and see what
you could participate in for the upcoming year. Meet with me as soon as
you get a chance."

That SOUNDS good. . and now it looks like I might need to take a trip out to good 'ol Malibu/my campus this summer (man, that was a tough decision, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do ;) ) .. and it was my wonderful mother who told me she would totally back a trip to Cali. if I need to meet with him, she was the one who brought it up, so that's awesome.

Have I mentioned recently how absolutely wonderful my mother is?? I sent her a card for mother's day and definitely plan on treating her to something nice when I get back. Without her.. gosh.. I just can't imagine. I always tear up just thinking about what she means to me.. man! You know, for whatever reason I never considered her a 'role model' in my life.. but now I definitely am seeing her as that. A role model in a different way than I have been trying to define what a 'role model' should be.. if that makes any sense.

So anyway.

Plan A (the only plan): E-mail back (maybe call) .. let him know how wonderful the course was, how much I learned.. what I am now interested in researching (consciousness and the effects of drugs in the brain/neurotransmitters.. those fields being separate from each other)... offer to supply him with his heart's-desires, free of course, of the numerous neuroscience materials that we offer. Afterall, I do work in the education department and a primary responsibility is to promote neuroscience and supply teachers with educational materials.

Good news too:

My director here is finally back and just poked her head in the office, checking up on me. She said, "Now since you're here full-time you should think of things you haven't done or would like to work-on here and let us know.."

So I'm going to look into that. Preferably working on a tangible product. she knows, too, why this is important.

this is all.