Sullen v.5




Saturday, May 07, 2005

Last night was insanity, basically. I was just about to go typing on my blog last night about how sad it was that the last of the people here in the program, mah' boys.. were taking off and leaving me here. Everyone going home. I had made my rounds throughout the apartment saying goodbyes, giving hugs... and had turned my living room into a huge packing mess. I move out on Sunday to go live with a relative in the Maryland area.

Next thing I know, late at night, I hear a knock on my door. I think that maybe one of the guys forgot something, or.. I don't know?.. the hangout spot is usually at their rooms so I was kinda surprised anyone was coming up, especially since it was late. I open the door, and they buuuust in with like 3 rolls of toilet paper and just go *crazy* with it.
At first I was in complete disbelief at how messed up my apartment was with toilet paper, but then I just went with it because it was my last night with them and I just wanted to have fun. We didn't really have any drinks at first, because it was so late and I had just dumped all of my wine down the drain (for good reason).. I had one beer left and they had a little bit of wine.. only to realize suddenly.. they had thrown away some terrible/cheap vodka that I had bought for a party a while ago, but it was still in the trash.. so they go and get it.. and from there.. things went from crazy to insanity.
Man I hope they give me some of the pictures/video coverage they were getting, because it was quite the event. I only got really pissed off at one point in the night when a friend threw something at his friend but it ended up hitting me in my *already hurt* eye. I walked into my room, slammed the door and locked it.. wouldn't come out for a while.. but eventually did because I knew the guy hadn't done it on purpose, and he was speaking through the door trying to get me to come out. Plus he gave me a sweet kiss, so all the pain just went away. ;) haha.. mannnnn.. it was the crazieset going-away-party everrr. One of the other guys was running around like, "I can't see!".. haha.. because apparently he's never drank to the point of drunkeness, but last night he definitely had like 8 shots and who knows what else. I wasn't that drunk. Ha.. and we thought we were going to get busted last night for being *way* too loud when someone knocked on our door at 2 a.m... and they said *I* was the best-off so I had to answer the door.. and it was just two other guys who wanted to joing the party! .. I didn't let them though.
They called my future roomie-to-be (next semester) and left her sooo many long messages. lol.. I already talked to her this morning though, and she said it was hilarious to wake up to and hear.. so no worries. :) I told her I just didn't want her to think I'm a complete lush now since I am usually very responsible and she shouldn't worry about next semester. Considering I know her b/f pretty well though, and he is definitely a *crazy* drinker, I didn't think she'd take it too bad.. plus the guys were just saying cute/sweet stuff on her message machine.
lol. ah man. I hope we all remain good friends when we get back next semester. There's no reason we wouldn't be, but that was just the perfect ending to a great semester (even though I'm disappointed that a couple of major things broke in my apartment as a result, and only days before moving out). One of the guys cleaned everything up, so luckily I didn't have to wakeup later to the complete mess my apartment had become.
mannnn.. I am going to miss them!!