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Not to be haughty..

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I just realized how 'informed' I used to be? That's probably not the best way to put it, but I guess you could say.. back-in-the-day.. I was on the forefront of an entirely diffferent up-and-coming culture... the internet.

My perspective tends to think that perhaps this internet revolution was something that was quickly evolving around my adolescence (13-14 yrs. old), and that it was a convenient time for me to become completed absorbed in it, and that it has slowed since it has become more established, but the truth is probably that I simply don't care as much as I used to.. and so I don't know what are the 'new and upcoming things.'

For instance, I swear that I was one of the first people to discover And now, I feel that everyone uses google and that it will probably continue to be the most used search engine.. done deal, no competition .. and my point is that this probably isn't the case.. I'm just not into exploring what is evolving anymore, unless it proves to be something extremely useful that I need (like hello). When I would refer people to use Google though, they wouldn't have the first clue as to what I was talking about.. most people, who used the internet at all, would use Yahoo or Netscape. How did I discover Google?.. well.. being a computer junkie/wannabe hacker, I was always looking for better search options.. a service that wouldn't give me some politically-correct/most-used-site jargon, but the most obscure and underground websites.. that's what I wanted. I was also absorbed in figuring out this government of ours, but the more I researched.. the more depressed and suspicious I became.. you could almost label be as a conspiracy theorist... but I got out of that mode.. call me stupid for wanting to be ignorant, and for not caring.. and for being selfish to not do anything about things I know are wrong and corrupt.... but truthfully I decided I just didn't want to know anymore... .. . . and for all of those people that love "certain leaders".. anyway.. I just think people ought to do some serious research about things before they start accepting and praising organizations/leaders.. but it's also not my place to condone them. . I just hope people make educated decisions about things.. and I don't believe 75% of this country does.

Wow. Tangent. Haha.. brought me back just a little there! ... bringing back that fire.. and I burried it a while ago.

Going on..

I was also one of the first to discover AOL -- long before it was huge. Haha.. I remember helping my best friend, Michelle, sign up for the service. She may disagree, but I think I already knew more about how the AOL service worked before she did. Of course, when she became absorbed in the internet revolution (thanks to me? lol.. jk?), she quickly advanced beyond any knowledge I had... and she had her own computer at the time, which helped. And in some small way, I think that's what made us great friends too.. haha.. we were completely obsessed with the internet, albeit different areas (she was never into exploring 'the dark side'.. lol.. and I'm sure she thought me crazy because I was always watching my back regarding someone trying to "terminate" me.. or some other schamanaggin ) .. she advanced, becoming extremely talented in graphic/web design.. I was totally jealous.. years later I eventually self-taught myself a bit when I was in high school.. by observing code/patterns.. but never to the degree she was able to code (i.e. scratch/notepad). I can look at code and know how the pieces fit, what to change, etc.. but it's hard to go from scratch.

I was also on the forefront in the development of blogger.. blogging is huuuuuge now, and I've watched it develop over many years/stages. I remember there were like.. "Pia sisters"? before blogger, although somehow interconnected.. and I so badly thought I wanted to be this Pia sister.. gosh.. I wish I could find one of those ancient sites, but since I am not sure of the label, and searching "bloggin + sisters" turns up so many results, I am out of luck. One of my original blogging template designs (although it is highly messed up/neglected) is over at a site I might reclaim soon, but I almost don't want to due to its highly accessible nature. But it is nice, not many people get those 3-letter names. ;) But since I was on the forefront.. haha.. ("okok already")

anyway.. many more things, but I'm just going to end it here.

All I'm saying is that the internet revolution was a large part of my past.. but I've been over it for a while (I guess you could say, the greatest shift was when college began for me).