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a little shocker

Friday, May 20, 2005

Hilarious. Unbenknownest to me, I had two (of the same) very outdated pictures of myself posted in a long-forgotten-about "Costa Rican" blog. I just realized this when I checked my profile on the rare occasion to see if I had hit the 2000th post mark, but as it turns out I accidentally went 200+ posts over that mark (so I'm going to celebrate my 1 millionth word written instead). .

I was just a bit shocked to see two pics of myself RIGHT THERE.. and amazing how I really don't see myself looking like that anymore... I have dark hair (apparently my natural color).. much longer (I think).. and I kind of got somewhat-bangs cut in the other day in a sporatic move during my lunch hour.

Anyway. This post just a reactional one.. I was completely surprised to see those pics.. haha, and now I feel the need to 'update' w/ a current pic of 'me', but I'm pretty private about posting persoinal pics as well.. we'll seeee.