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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I feel like I should do more internal reflection rather than giving an extremely breif synopsis of any daily events/information. Unfortunately whenever I think of something like that, I'm not sitting at my computer, or it would be too difficult/personally obvious for me to express anyway. Often when I write about my events it's in a stream-of-consciousness manner so that I can potentially look back on it someday and see how my thoughts grew, or any re-occurring patterns (which believe me, after several years of writing, I have noticed). Plus I think it's important to record 'daily events' because it's amazing what we forget as time goes by, or how it actually felt at the time. It's been proven over and over again that people often create false memories, and that some things which felt 'really bad' at the time, are often looked back upon as 'not so bad'. Anyway. I suppose this journal is primarily an effort to preserve any genuine thoughts on a day-to-day basis.. with a few occasions of reflecting on this world.. life... but, again, I don't generally like to do that because it doesn't feel like it does much for me except perhaps share any little nuggets of 'brilliance' I might have.. but for the most part, *unless* it feels like something very natural to write about at the time, I won't write about it.

That all said just to workout my own personal conflict of *thinking* I should reflect more on observations etc., but my heart isn't really set on that at the moment. I guess this is a particular period of extreme growth/experiences for me.. so I'm focusing on that.

Updates of all sorts:
- Kay* called yesterday to see if I'd be coming to Cait's 21st. It's going to be a semi-small reuinion with my friends who went to Italia with me! Lau*, Kay* (both flew in to visit the east coast), Ash* (my future roomie and coming in from Jersey*), Cait*, and Dav* (doing the summer DC program with Cait), and others?.. It should be great. Last time I heard, Cait was planning on renting a limo and we were going to be escorted around all night, but I told her she should save her money for something else (if she wanted) because the metro system is awesome. Anyway. It's going to be dinner in DC and then a night of partying in Baltimore (staying with Cait*).. and then I have to get back to work the next day! ... Leaving work early on wed., and getting in late on thurs. morning.. but I've cleared it with the supervisors. Looking forward to seeing everyone. :)

- What more.. my neuroscience professor e-mailed me my final exam score/overall grade upon my request, and I received an A on the final and an A in the class!
It's funny because I was looking at my transcipt, and I've been an overall B/A- student throughout college. I always thought achieving As was *impossible* until psychology became my major and I guess you could say I found my niche. Retaining that Psyc 4.0 GPA.. despite people telling me the research* class would screw me over because he throws curve balls, but I didn't run into that problem. I figured out later that I could have done without the extra credit and still had 25 points over the A cutoff mark... I dunno, there's just a great sense of achievement when you not only make the cutoff, but you make it in the top 1%. Haha. Leave it to me to always want to be in that top 1%. *shrug* -Maybe- this will push me over into an overall GPA range to graduate with honors.. that would be great.
Hehe.. although.. the relative I am staying with.. her sons' achievements make mine look dismal.. it's amazing how her sons have all graduated from places like Harvard with the highest honor that can be given to a medical graduate, John Hopkins Univ., Duke.. I may have missed one.. *shrug* anyway. yeah.. although when I discovered I got an A and was like.. "oh yay, an A." .. she was like.. "WE MUST GO CELEBRATE! FINE DINING AND WINE!" lol.. she's kooky.. but so nice. I swear she has pointed out like 20+ restaurants we "MUST GO TO" before I leave. We've decided to put all of the choices in a hat and pull one out whenever we want to eat out. And omigoodness she looooves to shop. I mention I need shoes, and last night she took me to two places to get shoes and unfortunately I'm in the process of revamping my wardrome (unfortunately = no suitcase room and a wish to save as much $ as possibe). I think tonight she has 3 other stores on her list that we "MUST GO TO". Man she really has a lot of energy.. lol, and she's turning out to be a good fashion consultant.

- I went to a mother's day bash the other day. It was my aunt's friend's party, and mostly her friend's family. I felt a little out of place, not knowing anyone, but it was good.. *amazing* food. It's always interesting to be invited to another family's just see how overall family dynamics differ. This family was obviously *very* well-off, and every single one of their relatives (convertible lexus' in the driveways.. BMWs.. Audis.. etc).. I'd say at least 70% of them were doctors of some sort.

- I'm in the process of applying for a job back home. It would start 2 days after I arrive and it *seems* like a very rewarding and -perfect- job since it only lasts for about 4 weeks and allows me to work 40 hours a week. The only problem is that it goes until August 5th, and I am leaving for Costa Rica on July 31st (returning Aug. 10th). So... we-will-see. I really hope it works out though.

- uh, and I am in the process of 'working out' (starting last night).. it's weird because I have *never* done this (and I domn't know if I'm doing it right half the time), and sometimes people get mad at me for saying I am going/thinking about working out because evidently they think I am already 'skinny'.. I'm always getting comments like, 'you should stay skinny because you can't wear heals once you gain wt.'.. or.. 'you have the body for these types of clothes but not me'.. haha.. a particularly funny comment a guy/friend said to me semi-recently was "how do you have such a bangin' body and don't workout?" ..I.. didn't know how to respond to that?.. it's flattering sometimes because I really don't consider myself either way, but I think.. in spite of apparently having an amazing ability to eat what I want and somehow continue to fit into my pants.. lol.. I still think it's important to be healthy and exercise (and get rid of some love handles :P). I swore that once finals finished I would dedicate some time to it.. so hoooopefully I'll keep it up for once in my life. I'm really good at just forgetting about it after a week at the same time. I've always had the philosophy that I should just not workout until it seemed necessary, but I'm gonna change that.. hopefully.

anyway. this is all.

*and I keep adding throughout this -very slow- day..*

- Yesterday my fortune cookie said, "You will make change for the better." Thought it fitting.