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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I am soo excited about tonight. Cait's 21st b-day, and I can already tell it's going to be a blast. Her and I go back in Italy, lol, good times.. well, except for when she lost her passport the night we were both supposed to hold each other accountable .. and uh yeah.. neither of us really did a good job about accountability. I just recall it being one crazy and fun night.

As I mentioned before, 2 other friends are flying in from the west coast (AZ, CO).. another coming for the DC program.. another coming from Jersey.. and those people all are friends from the Italy program... and a few others are coming who I know from Pepp* (Pa* who visited my house last summer with Cait*), and some who I don't know.

Apparently the plan is for me to go to her dad's work when I get off work (two metro stops away from where I work), he'll drive me to their house.. they'll all meet me there since they'll be in the process of picking up people from the airport.. and then the party begins!.. from there we go to DC/bar hopping.. then TGIF for dinner (it's going to be an interesting dinner if we're going *after* the bars?..) .. then back out? (she decided to rent a limo afterall) ... then Baltimore... and man.. apparently I'm going to somehow get back to work the next morning... ..

all I know is that it's going to be *great* to see friends who I haven't for a while, catch up on all of the 'stories' I missed this semester ;)..haha.. I'll catch them up on 'life' (which I think they have a miconception about because they sometimes hear a few crazy stories from me that really don't resemble 'life' overall, and uh.. yeah.. getting random phone calls from my friends-gone-crazy doesn't help their perceptions).. and it really should just be a lot of fun... ok..

I can hardly contain my excitement, obviously.. since I am writing this post exclusively :P back to work.