Sullen v.5




Thursday, May 12, 2005

Man. I was just thinking.. What is going on?? because this month has been taking off as far as relationships go.. a little bit scary for me, honestly. I'm ready to get back out there, so-I-feel.. but seriously, not sure I'm this ready.

I thought, hm, if there is anything to this astrology-bit.. it would for-sure say something about this in the 'romantic' department (a long shot, but fun for me :P)

And it all makes sense now:

Wow -- it's your hunka-hunka-burning-love month this month. On the 1st and 2nd, you're like a walk on a moonlit beach: You're romantic! You're barefoot! You're bright! You look just right! And if there's somebody you would like to attract, the odds are you just might. This sets the tone for the whole month -- you've got it, baby. (The question is, what will you do with it?) Around the 7th, an old family friend can tell you a love story that'll give you a few good ideas. By the 13th, your love could be like a river in a rainstorm -- a little bit wild! On the 17th, introspect a little. You'll be glad you did on the 21st, when you'll feel just a little teeny tiny bit emotionally exposed. Everything will go your romantic way on the 24th and 25th. Your love light, though, will really shine its brightest around the 28th and 29th. What a stroll on the beach it's been for you this month!"

So.. reason I'm a bit overwhelmed is that this weekend, so-far, is looking pretty booked with dates. One with a friend whom has just told me today that he wants to take me out-out (like dinner/movie, his treat).. and I felt this kind of came from left field and am not sure what to make of it, but it should be fun and we'll see how it goes. At least he's being kind of upfront about this.. I don't know where he expects it to go (if anything), but you could say it seems like an interesting shift.

And then Davi* did call tonight. . asked if I'd like to hangout with him and his friends this Sat. So I'm booked Fri.. and Sat. was available, so as sketchy as this could be.. I feel confident that I have good judgment in this case and am going to go with my gut and against any reservations I may have about this. I like meeting new people, and there was some sort of interesting immediate click between us at this club. As much as I hate to consider the continuation of seeing someone outside of having met them at a club.. for whatever reason I'm feeling optimistic about this.. haha.. I feel a bit crazy, but something just tells me 'go for it'.. and I'm pretty good about listening to my heart upon impulse (and impulsiveness isn't always a bad thing.. sometimes a bad situation is impulsively stopped, in the same way that a 'good situation' can be impulsively began. and vice versa.

so yeah. Then on Sunday I may get to see my uncle/aunt, and my two youngest most adorable cousins.

Update definitely to come.