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Monday, May 16, 2005

UGH. SO PISSED. Grades are FINALLY factored in to my transcript.. and I've been waiting to see how this semester's grades (Mid. Eastern Civ.: A- , Psy. Brain Injury: A , Psy Research Methods: A) effected the overall GPA. I was trying not to make a big deal of the A-, even though I was completely cheated out of an A, and I thought "maybe the A is not as crucial as I think it is to finally hitting a mark for graduating with honors," but as it turns out.. I did my calculations correctly, and now I am still less than a tenth away from honors! GRR. The exact tenth that was deducted with that frickin' A-. Making this come-back is turning out to not be such an easy process. I look at my transcript and see dam comp. sci, formal methods, business law.. all unnecessary "electives" which totally destroyed otherwise great grades. Oh well. I've said it before, but I never would have known to stay away from comp. sci. had I not attempted it. Plus, our program was cruel and unusual.. heh.. based upon looking at other more practical comp. sci. minors at other schools. All I know is dropping the comp. sci. minor was the best move of my life (haha.. jeeez.. what a nightmare..), but I'm happy that I didn't drop the classes despite knowing the damage they were going to do (at least they weren't Cs.. but too darn close).

Anyway. Dammit. Now I'm going to have to challenge the frickin' grade (my other friend in the class, who was likewise given an unjust grade, has already begun the process).. I just don't want to deal with this nightmare professor anymore. My mother reminded me that I should be happy with the grade because I literally was crying on the phone how terrible of a person she was (when she initially made me cry), and that I wasn't sure I could handle the class as a result of her insaneness. She taught via the socratic method and was completely condescending and rude.. thank God I was able to hold my own most of the time.. but she still pisses me off so badly.

Ok. Anyway. Venting done.. I don't know what I'm going to do about this yet.. maybe just suck it up and do my best next semester to pull in a degree with honors. . gosh. . it really seems unfair how difficult this honors ordeal is becoming.. haha.. I wasn't striving for it to begin with, but now that I've set my eyes upon it.. I must have it. blah. It's just so difficult to get an A at Pepp.. pisses me off sometimes, esp. when you write 20 pagers and the professor decides it's not exactly up to their standards or something. Heh. That's what happened with this class. 20 pger. worth 50% of my grade, and apparently I must have received an A- .. when the format, information... all was accurate.. it just comes down to a subjective call sometimes. whatever. I said I was done.