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B-day Bash

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Haha... man.. what a night. What-a-night. So-much-fun. And although I am completely sleep deprived, got ready in 10 minutes, and am at work right now, in the past 10 minutes since I've been here, people have commented: "cute dress!", "you smell good..", and "no fire alarms today!" (guess who..) from three different people. Dude, I need to go all-out in the middle of the week more often I guess! That or just care far less about getting ready in the morning. . slip on a dress, pull my hair back, slip on some heels, lotion.. and good to go! :P


man.. I just about threw up a second ago (ok now this journal is getting far more personal than anyone cares to know.. haha.. a play-by-play of my current state).. NOT because I'm hung-over, but I think due to something else .. an incident that occurred before where I later thought maybe I was having a stroke (which is a ridiculous idea afterall, and I'd permalink to that post, but I'm not sure I've installed that feature and/or I don't want to find the post).
There is also the possibility that 3 days after doing like.. maybe 45 crunches.. my abs are feeling INCREDIBLY sore like I can't bend over or I feel like throwing up.. heh.. which makes me never want to workout again. Plus, doing 45 crunches one day and not following it up with anything 3 days later is pretty lazy.. probably not worthwhile. Shoot man.. if I don't absolutely *need* to.. yes I want to be healthy.. but I should focus on eating healthy first, I think... THEN I'll get to truly exercising if necessary. The thing is.. I like to do 'natural' exercising.. like walking up the HUGE escalator .. walking fast.. playing sports.. etc. Running for just the heck of it and/or gym really doesn't motivate me.

ha. Oh how bored I am at work.. obviously. I ask for work, but if there's nothing for them to give me at the time, what can I do but open a folder, lay it on my desk, and do my own thing all day? .. heh. Not the most rewarding internship, but I get paid.. so.. whatever. I'm leaving pretty soon anyway.

Anyway. Ah yes. The party. Such good times with my wonderful friends. . mostly the gang of my favorite Italia girls (missing a few), and only a couple of guys were with us, haha, so it definitely felt more like a girls night out. We initially had a bet going for who could get the most numbers, but I wasn't into it and no one really tried for numbers .. I met a particular guy, Davi* (go figure.. I'm going to run out of nicknames soon for this name.. I've said it before but there are certain names for guys who tend to be friends.. Dav*, Der*, Mik*, Mat*, Ry*, and Jas*.. numerous friends with those names).. who is a graduate student at John Hopkins Univ. Haha.. obviously my ears perked up when I heard that. Funny because he was cute, but intelligence/stability is even better.. and because I'm considering med. school myself (neuroscience).. and seriously only the top-notch-usually-med-focused go to Hopkins.. I certainly don't think I could get in.. so I was definitely impressed. I was even more impressed that he managed to keep tracking me down when my friends would pull me away for one thing or another (like.. when they pulled me away for us all to dance behind a screen together.. lol.. oh dear.. it was great, but so silly).. and that he remembered my name upon first introduction (I'm terrible about that.. I even had to apologize and ask for his name again.. ahh bad). Girls are crazy too, they want *all* the details if you're talking to a guy, and I'm not one to talk-and-tell or kiss-and-tell (although a little on this blog).. and they kept intercepting to figure out what was going on, so that was kinda discouraging *shrug* anyyyywho.. it'll be cool if he calls because it turns out we live around the same area currently, and he said 'they're' (?) hanging out this weekend and he'd like to show me around since I'm kind of new.. and I actually gave him the right number (aren't I nice, this time ;) ).. but we'll see.. he was cool.. and to be honest, not to sound terrible, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did call this weekend and I wasn't sure who it was because I might forget between now and then? Nah, I'll remember.

Many drinks later (although surprisingly I was doing good.. completely silly, but not gone) we left the club and hopped back in the limo.. funnn times in the limo.. haha. People were making drunk calls, or other ppl. were calling Cait* to wish her a happy b-day and they had to listen to us.
Later, back at the house, we were going crazy, lol.. Cait and I decided to do some tred-mill action together at the same time.. it was hilarious. And then I told stories (I become quite the entertainer when tipsy and more quiet/affectionate when drunk, depending on the setting).. and they thought I was totally-out-of-my-mind-drunk with my stories.. but I swear I wasn't! The stories may be *OUT* there, but all true! "Uncle Mo*" (hookah dude).. My new name, 'Jessica'.. DC wrestling matches.. all true. . oh well.. made for some fun late-night laughs.
I'm so excited for the new DC group, and the girls who I am good friends with are rooming together, so I'll def. be visiting.

That's a wrap.