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The Apprentice

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Haha. I made my aunt guess who she thought would be the next "Apprentice" before the show's finale came on (I haven't watched the show until their final missions, and I have to watch now because my aunt is crazy about the show). I said: "Hands down - Kendra.. she's so much more professional. Tana is completely arrogant about her winnings unlike Kendra. That's what college teaches you too - how to be modest. You will naturally experience many accomplishments to get into and through college, but it's not like you have to act like you're conquering the world with what you do.. (something I felt like Tana, book smarts, did.. acted like every successful mission she had was because *she* wass *BRILLIANT*..) .. furthermore, the way Tana spoke down about her team in the final mission is what kills the likelihood of her being selected. Working affectively with people is huge, and her talking down about them looked disgusting.. PLUS every mission Kendra did successfully, the company always said -they- would gladly hire her to work for them!"
My aunt stuck by Tana.. I don't know.. because of her enthusiasm? (although I felt it was highly misplaced enthusiasm..)

And anyway... Kendra won.. haha.. and I'm sooo happy because you could *tell* Tana totally thought she was going to win!.. she's that arrogant with a lack of good intuition.

lol, so yeah... I hope no one on the west coast reads this before the finale.. otherwise I just ruined it for ya.. sorrry. I just thought it was funny, because in the end Trump brought up every point I said, and especially the one I said would kill it for Tana, and my aunt looked at me and said, "you were right.." For whatever reason it felt good to hear that... I think mostly because it spoke of my good intuition for identifying what are important traits to recognize. And yes, let's be honest, I think this journal is 10x more arrogant than I am irl. I'm a proud person who thinks highly of my capabilities, but that doesn't mean I -won't- work hard in a low position.. or talk down to my superiors/team mates who I feel may not really be 'superior' at all.. I think one of the most important things to remember when working with people: RESPECT. . . no matter who they are. You get absolutely no where when you fail to remember this. Plus, if you want to truly be the 'better person' in *every situation*, I think it wise to remember everyone deserves your respect. That's not to say 'respect' is to see someone as a role model, but definitely to see them as a human being... sometimes one who you might never understand, but that's only due to your own inadequacies to understand (and that's not a bad thing.. it's just like "not knowing everything".. it's just not possible). Plus, I'm almost certain that if we truly took the time to get beyond the things we dislike in people and try to understand them better, or earn *their* respect in a positive manner (that doesn't compromise your own values), we can almost certainly find a higher appreciation for how their life story compares to ours.. or appreciate more why we can never hope to understand them (am I just writing in circles now?.. ok ... that's all).

Anyway. I guess that's something I feel pretty passionate about.. not judging people upon first meeting them. Of course I still do, I can't help but have a first.. second.. third.. etc. impression... but once I find things I don't like, I try my very best to find ways to appreciate them beyond their quirks. In the DC program I found one girl -intolerable- in the beginning.. I literally just wanted to clench my fists, close my eyes, and tune her out every time she talked.. but I realized some things about her as the program went on, and was actually able to get beyond her quirks and really appreciate her as a person.. where I actually ended up hanging out with her alone to go have lunch sometimes! (haha.. a huge step for me..) .. Whereas... you know... there was one other guy who I had a major major problem with from the very beginning... and as the program went on he just disgusted me even more (for very good reason I won't get into)... but you know, with all of the weird/mean things about him... I honestly feel very sad for him.. because I think he has gone through some major issues (or still has) that I will never understand.. that he lives a life of loneliness in a world of bitterness, and while I would like to somehow be his friend... I simply can't continue to surround myself with disrespectful people... I don't hate him... I just can't be around him out of my own self dignity.

anyway.. I guess that's why maybe all of these career assessment tests (such as the MAPP.. used by many agencies for placement) always assess "psychologist" and "mental health counselor(?)" among the top placements for a career.

Otherness.. I was just talking to my mom regarding *the phone call* I received today while shopping! I also just realized how really odd the call was, seeing that it's the *19th* and not the 20th. Appaaaaaaarently the place I applied to in AZ for a job has already reviewed my application and said "a phone interview is fine." What's funny: I called the other day to see if they had received my application and resume, and they said that they had but that they wouldn't start looking at them until the 20th (when the closing date for applications is). Well that's strange... I received a call for an interview on the *19th*. . and them welcoming a phone interview since I obviously can't be there in person is very nice too...

I like to think this is because my resume just blew them out of the water. Frankly I am pretty confident about receiving this job position, despite having to leave a week early for vacation (which may be a critical issue), and despite them telling me upon my initial call that "it's interesting because they've generally been receiving a lot of out of state inquiries" (which makes me think many qualified people in and out-of-state may be applying); however, if they didn't hire me for this position, they would seriously be letting go of someone who is perfect for it given many proven capabilities to -excel- and rise to positions that are required for the job. I've done my research, know what I want to say, and plan to seriously impress the heck out of my interviewer.... .. it's going to be different given that I can't be there in person (being dressed well can say a lot for a first impression, and a nice smile ;D), and that I have to take more care in the tone/pitch of my voice, but I'm definitely up to the occasion and really hope I get this position! I imagine it will be very rewarding, excellent for networking... and what I've been telling others, "it's not that it's necessarily the highest paying job, but it's rewarding.. and that's what matters.."

Haha.. wow.. so I've just been talking with my aunt for the past hour and a half, before finishing this post.. I was explaining the job to her and how I feel pretty confident about it and how odd it is that I already have an interview before the closing date for applications (and jokingly said, "maybe they want to interview me first to set the bar..").. she replied "there is no competition, you ruin the curve" .. aw sweet. ;)

I seriously have the most supportive family (and friends), and I've said it before and will-say-again.. that has done wonders for realizing my ambitions and dreams in life..

anyway.. my throat hurts from talking so much and I'm gonna end this.