Sullen v.5




Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Haha. Wow. This guy I work with keeps apologizing profusely to me. Why? Well.. we often have big lunch banquets here (for practically any occasion/excuse), and today we had one.. however.. when it was announced to come to the conference room for lunch, I asked a guy what was just said over the intercom.. and he said.. "there's going to be a fire drill in 5 minutes." Which upon I was like, "oh well it's my lunch anyway.." and took off.. only to come back and realize lunch had been served. I didn't have a problem with it *at all* because I ended up not eating lunch during my lunch, he's naturally the jokester in the dept. here, and there was still a lot of food left over when I got back. I jokingly told him I was upset.. totally joking/cutesy/whatever.. I thought it was funny... but now he won't stop apologizing (I swear he has like 5 times now..)
what I really want to say: "dude, the only thing I'm upset about, if anything, is that you keep calling me "Jessica" when you apologize, and that is not my name.. "


so yeah. what was I going to say in this post before he came in and apologized again?... hm.

I don't remember.