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Monday, April 25, 2005

(regarding a recent post on panic attacks) I backtracked a day in my mind regarding any differences that may have occurred between the previous days and the day I experienced the shortness of breath, etc.. and I realized that the onset of my symptoms may be the result of a definite change in something I did. I researched my consideration and found that indeed my symptoms were critical medical issues associated with something ... since then I've resolved the problem .. considering my symptoms suggested the onset of a stroke .. man. It was interesting (scary might be a more appropriate word :P) because right before I researched online, I was complaining to my roommate how weird it was because my legs felt like they were going numb.. and that I barely could bend them. I thought it was just unusual cramping (?), until suddenly it was a "serious warning symptom: call your medical doctor-immediately-situation" staring me straight in the face among the listings of "shortness of breath," "blurry vision" (what I was experiencing a little), and "abdominal pain" (why I wasn't hungry). Heh. Basically I tampered with taking something at the wrong time, and didn't realize this until the next day when everything started to change. Crazy how all of that happened....

So the *good* news (if there is any to be taken from this near-death-experience, j/k) is that it wasn't a panic attack. Haha, funny looking back on it how I was psychoanalyzing the whole situation (it just reinforces my belief in the practicality of studying the physiological application for psychology, versus behavioral/psychodynamic approaches).

At any rate, my mother sent me this interesting article on panic attacks, although it puts a little too much emphasis on the psychodynamic explanation for me to fully appreciate it.