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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Michelle got to it first, but I didn't have time to type about what was on my mind -yesterday-.. so.. here I go anyway..

The reporters made it pretty clear: This election was decided based upon a 'moralistic' outlook.

What I mean by this 'moralistic outlook', more formally, is religion. This is where the concept of religion drives me through the roof.

People don't understand their own religion well enough, in my opinion, that they end up taking a completely narrow (and thus what I feel to be good enough as 'ignorant') outlook on important issues. I guess to most people, things are pretty black and white in their eyes. Good and wrong.

I guess this is why I can identify with Kerry as being a 'flip-flop' on issues and see that as more of a great thing than a bad thing. I want a leader who is willing to admit when they're wrong and turn the ship around, I want a leader who is willing to make decisions but be cautious and wise in implementation, I want a leader who ultimately sees that making decisions in this world is not as simple as "set your mind on it and charge on!"

I'm so frustrated. My heart has this overwhelming 'sinking' feeling when I think about this... .. I'm so sad that the world has to see this.. that the people of America have "spoken" and said "Yes Bush, we like that you invaded Iraq and went completely against the UN... Yes Bush, we don't mind that you're an imperialist and wrongly invaded a country without a plan for peace.. Yes Bush, we agree with your imperialistic attitude... Yes we support a leader who is obviously pretty dull.." ... I am ashamed and sick about this. This is not only speaking to the world, but citizens within our own country, HALF are saying to the other half, "Yes we agree in guns and poverty. Yes we agree in not saving our environment to any sufficient degree. Yes we support unemployment, please, send more jobs overseas. Yes we agree religion should be forced on people."

I don't know. I don't feel like I'm writing this very well at the moment because I'm in a very public place, typing on a very public computer, and in a very Republican community.. I wouldn't be surprised if someone's overlooking my shoulder right now and ready to come bitch me out for being such a 'bad Christian' because 'how in the world can you support Kerry AND be a Christian?" PLEASE. This is where religion drives me in-sane.

I'm out.