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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I've been thinking a lot about this concept of "democracy" lately. I really don't take for granted that today people are gathering in their separate states - people from an entire country will be gathering in one cause - exercising their right to vote as a citizen.

It's really an amazing privelege, and incredible that our country has lasted for so many years on this system of democracy.

This being my first election where I am considered an adult and thus allowed to vote, the experience thus far has been intense. I wonder if maybe it was just as intense in previous years, only I may have not realized it because I wasn't actively allowed to participate?.. but I think this is actually one of the most heated and disturbing elections in our history. Never have candidates (correct me if I'm wrong) been in a race this close and of this magnitude. The last election, 4 years ago, was an 'upset' (in basketball terms: when a team, unlikely to win, comes back and takes the game). This year it is not only predicted that it will be the same result, but closer. It doesn't seem possible that it could become even a tighter race, but several professionals are predicting that it is very likely.

This is where the concept of democracy starts to really be questioned. Granted, we've always heard that "America is not truly a 'democratic' system when you look at the way the elections work - electoral, apathetic voters not being accounted for, ballots getting lost.. etc", and I argue that the idea of "democracy" for America is becoming even more skewed with the results being so torn and extreme between the two candidates. No matter who gets voted-in, the people are not going to be represented by this leader. It's not a matter of "majority rules" anymore where people, no matter their first choice in candidate, can be "ok" with accepting the winner due to a majority of people voting toward a general outlook. Instead, we have a situation where people are completely torn exactly half-and-half -- thus the concept of 'majority rules' no longer holds, and how can we say whoever is voted in is really representative of the people in this country? We can't. Also there are the usual aspects such as voter apathy, etc.. but the way I see it.. if people aren't going to exercise their right to vote in this country, then they really have no say in anything.. we want a candidate who will still respect and lookout for these people, but at the same time... .. I don't know, this sounds bad, but why should a candidate be 'representative' of the apathetic voters if they don't give a dam* either way? If they cared anything about 'life', then I think they would vote.

Anyway. This all to say.. I don't know.. it really feels like scary times right now. There's a lot of intensity brewing in the air. Maybe it's just me because I really care about this and so I'm really sensitive to anything mentioned, but overall, I just notice and feel a lot of tension today. . a lot of division. . I looked to an acquaintance/friend today when a teacher mentioned that we should vote before coming over for the group study session, and said, "... this is really scary.." .. and she said, "yeah .. it really is" (turns out she's voting for Kerry too.. woo :) ) .. I just really cannot see any light for the future of this country if Bush is re-elected. I hope I'm wrong, if he is re-elected. Judging on what he has already done though.. setting a record and pattern of mistakes.. people with bad judgment don't just turn on a switch one day and 'brighten up'.. it's like, judgment is engrained in character.. and people generally aren't changing their character after adolescence. Alright.'nuff. I just prayed about it last night, and whatever happens, you know.. it's either for the better.. or for the end of the world (lol).
SO.. ending on that happy note - make it your duty to vote and be represented today.