Sullen v.5




Saturday, November 06, 2004

I feel terrible about that last post. I guess it wasn't really directed at Tin*, but, I don't know.. I guess I shouldn't be angry. It's just, Tin* and I are good friends.. and I guess I was angry that I feel Ste* (although I know her and Tin* are good friends too) was getting in the way of that .. I'm over it though. I just found this gift wrapped from Tin* that I guess she must have put on my desk while I was sleeping (lost among the piles of work on my desk), and it's a picture frame with a picture of the two of us at Disneyland... so sweet of her.. and just makes me realize nothing is really getting in the way of that friendship we have. lol. It's just hard, us having practically been best friends freshman year, to have her here visiting and yet I'm not even hanging out with her at all. Hopefully Sunday we can all do something.