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Saturday, November 06, 2004

“One thing I really don't understand is how people consider Bush the more "moralistic" candidate. How can Christians, (whose horribly misinterpreted religion essentially teaches peace and acceptance-- I'm nearly certain now that Christ was actually a Buddhist) support this man, who sends their children to war, lies, steals, is blatantly ignorant, and is a true bastard in every sense of the word? And (I'm sorry to go here) how is Bush the "macho" candidate when he didn't go to Viet Nam, has gotten every opportunity handed to him from his daddy, and was a cheerleader at Andover? To quote Bill Maher, "How many times do you have to get shot in the ass in a rice paddy before you can be the stronger guy?"
I really don't know what the next four years will hold. I'm trying not to be too apocalyptic. I'm hopeful that we will be able to make a change for the better. I really can't blame the world for hating us, though. I'm scared that Bush will be appointing the next Supreme Court justices (another Reihnquist/ Scalia/ Thomas? No thanks!). I'm scared that we're heading in such a catastrophic direction with our foreign policy. I'm scared that our country is steadily becoming a subversive theocracy, with one group's religious interests being imposed on the rest of this diverse nation. I'm scared that all three of our political branches are now monopolized by the cutthroat political party which least serves the interest of the greater people. I'm scared that the Constitution might be used to take rights away from people. I'm scared that the original ideas which we associate with America and hold so dear to us are becoming so skewed from what our country has become to represent. I'm scared that, by reelecting Bush, the American people are validating and approving of everything he has done. Mostly, I'm scared that Bush might have won it semi-legitimately this time.
Last election I was angry. This time I'm just disappointed.”

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“Fox News channel had an orgasm. The religious right wing nut bags had an orgasm. And the sheep known as the majority of Americans cower in their fear and lock their doors tonight without heathcare or any future as the rest of the human race around the world stands puzzled and watch in complete disbelief asking how can a dry drunken town fool be the leader of these United States of America.”
“ this seriously happening? Did the majority of the American people ACTUALLY vote to KEEP Bush in office....
God save us all....”

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