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Spiked Food

Saturday, October 30, 2004

*cracks up* oh maaaan. My roomie (who went to the movie with the group last night) and I are seriously --- losing --- it. She came in to say hi or something, asking my plans for the night (starbucks and studying :( ).. and I mentioned to her how upset I was because I slept SO long today. Turns out she practically slept all day too "because of a headache and a stomach ache" (her telling me this without me telling her I had the same thing today). We both have been bed-ridden as-if we've had hangovers, even though we both had major plans to get studying done today.

We've come to the conclusion that our food was spiked last night.

Yeah that makes sense!

I say that sarcastically, but really, the restaurant was a place where everyone was drinking (although we didn't), so this is our conclusion. Either the restaurant "spiked our food" (in her words) or the movie is really having a profound effect on us. lol. I really don't know. All I know is that last night we were acting as if we were drunk, and I've felt like I'm coming off of a hangover all day. blah.