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Reaching High

Monday, October 04, 2004

I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately with these exams, and I'm been wondering what in the world I was thinking when I signed up for the 17-credit-hr-minimum-plan.. guaranteed for every remaining semester I have in college. Ha, and in the extreme sense, I've been wondering why the heck I chose to come to Pepp*. Sometimes I seriously feel ungrateful for whining, but I seriously feel like I'm taking a beating with these non-stop exams. .
Just when I think the mass attack of constant exams is winding down to an end temporarily, where I can have a little breather, I discover.. "wait! just kidding! That SECOND huge exam (from the class that began the exam cycle to begin with) is already immediately approaching only DAYS after your supposedly-last-exam in that other-whatever-class."

SIIIIIIIGH. haha.. so.. feeling sad for myself.. I went to the princenton review site to see how things might have been different for me had I known THEN (in high school) what type of college atmosphere I did/didn't like, what things were going to be really important to me once in college, and naturally.. what college had the best program for the major I am currently pursuing.

Used the Counselor-O-Matic.. inputted in all of my information (lol.. reminiscing what a *good* student I was back then.. Top 5%? Uh, definitely (try 1% ;) ). SAT? Decent at least. Activities? I do it all man - leader of that, volunteer there, piano, flute, piccolo... Working while doing school? Yep, held the job well over a year as an admin. assistance working 10-20 hrs. a week. (and another job, which I might add, that made me a killer frickin' great deal of money at the age of 18 *tear* lol.. I'm not sure I will EVER have a job that paid as well as that did .. web design. ahhhh. Really makes you reconsider the necessity of college as far as money goes.)

And what comes up as a result?

In my "reach schools" section (with a selectivity of 98 - 100 being the highest/hardest), accounting for my best fit at "46%" (which was the highest for any school that came up) in the entire United States - there it said... "Pepperdine University."



I guess that makes me feel better somehow (I hadn't done this test before with that result). I reached high and here I am, somehow out of ALL of my choices in universities, at one of the top places I should be. .. so suck it up.