Sullen v.5



Peer Pressure

Friday, October 29, 2004

Haha.. I seriously sometimes think my friends are out to see me fail. But I love them still. ;)

Dilemma 1:
EVERY one of them have told me not to go to Washington D.C. as soon as this spring. I would think they'd be happy for me and the idea because it's an amazing opporutunity (although some conflicts arising with the idea now), but no, they're not. And this isn't just my 'local' friends here at the university, but even Tin (who actually coincidentally called me last night right after I had posted about her visiting), has told me not to go.. and she's not even here to miss me if I did leave.. so what's her reasoning?? She doesn't have any. I'm starting to think if maybe I should be taking this as a sign. All of these people, combined with some conflicts arising with the idea.... .. maybe I shouldn't be going.

Dilemma 2:
This upcoming week = determinant of the relative/overall success of this year (last midterms before finals), so in my mind I've tried to develope some serious work ethic for this weekend (like lock myself in my room and never come out, lol.. not really).. but my friends, again, pose the problem. Ugh. I can't turn down a night of fun, dinner, movie.. etc... and they not only ask me to go with them, but they give me pretty tempting reasons why I shouldn't study and should go with them ("you always do better when you relax and just don't study" .. .. I DON'T ALWAYS though!) It gets me a little angry when they know I'm stressed because I have a lot to do.. and they know what it feels like to be in my position (from experience) - one girl put it good once, "In a Pepp. class, if you don't do well on one exam, you might as well drop out of the class.. there isn't really any middle-ground." 'Aint that the truth. . and yet

I'm acting like I'm being offered drugs or something. lol. IF THEY WERE FRIENDS THEY WOULDN'T PUT THIS PRESSURE ON ME! (completely kidding.. that's why good friends are awesome.. because they help you hang on to the good things to be done in life aside from what you can do through your own ambition).

And now.. Back to "The Seven Sins of Memory" (Transience, Absent-Mindedness, Blocking, Misattribution, Suggestibility, Bias, and Persistence) .... AND THEN...

birthday party .. dinner.. movie.. et-cet-era.