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pattern.. problem.. I don't know.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

And within here lies the 'pattern'?. . :

. . . I'm noticing. . Ch* tends to have friends who are not simply the 'intelligent' type (from my perspective of what that defines :P), but 'really intelligent'. And this, I feel, is a problem. . because Ch*, while he is intelligent. . he's not the type to really. . mm. . care? . . or, rather, not interested in using it. *chuckles* That sounds weird, maybe, but that's how I see it. An intelligent guy because it comes out when he inadvertently ends up demonstrating it . . but the problem is. . it comes out as a result of me getting carried off in a conversation with his -friend-. There's not really a problem with this, until it begins to continuously happen with the different friends of his that I meet.. and it begins to continuously happen a lot. It gets weird like that when you're with a guy who you're pretty sure likes you, and there has been some chemistry there, yet intellectual bonding is taking place on the side. . but it's not with him. For example, I was completely able to relate with his friend tonight as a result of something _completely random_ that I used to be interested in a long time ago.. and he was _amazed_ with something I knew, "I have NEVER met a girl who knows about that.. that just _made_ my entire weekend" Ha *laughing at the absurdity*.. it's almost like getting the complete package of what I'd want in a guy.. only two people are involved. That's-just-terrible. Within here lies the *problem*.