Sullen v.5



Not Making It Easier On Me

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Stef (6:47:01 PM): STAY!!!!
Lin (6:47:14 PM): haha... but Esh* smells
Lin (6:47:19 PM): ;P just kidding!
Stef (6:47:22 PM): haha
Lin (6:47:36 PM): lol.. great.. I bet she's comming in here with the knife now (you didn't tell her did you??)
Stef (6:47:45 PM): ill stock up on spray stuff
Stef (6:47:49 PM): hahah no she left
Lin (6:47:51 PM): k good
Stef (6:47:53 PM): but ill be sure to let her know
Lin (6:48:05 PM): noo.. we don't have locks on these doors!
Stef (6:48:22 PM): hahha
Stef (6:48:26 PM): we can kick her out

lots of inside jokes here w/ my one of my roomies IMing me via the other room.. but it makes me sad. I'm very confused right now.