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The New System

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I like this new 'forwarding'-jumping-to-other-blogs system that blogger has created via the newly introduced 'bar' (see top of this web page). I discover so many different blogs that exist out there (though it's not me using the bar that is enabeling this). I see where people come from, and if the url is interesting-enough, I'll pay a little visit.

Anyway. . all that to say > I like < .. hopefully they'll keep it up (looks new), but it will never replace my first love ;D

(and I WONDER why I want to shoot myself -- see post below -- I really need to stop avoiding work, lol.. it's just my style, and I can't break the habit! Tests that reinforce this technique by studying little with results like 82/84 don't help. . but oh . . there are those few . . that dare threaten graduating . ok. maybe not that extreme. NO MORE POSTING.. AT LEAST FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS! ..haha)