Sullen v.5



Multiple Choice

Sunday, October 17, 2004

You're either
a) Really pathetic
b) Really burnt-out
c) Really joyous
d) All of the above

When you write that ONE program all by yourself and you feel like crying when it actually works because it just-so-happens that you accomplished something that at-first seemed impossible. . . and after a series of impossibles... it's nice to at least have something go right for you.. for once.

There's a series of points here, but I think the most succinct one (comp. sci for the past entire day has got me thinking in a crazy-logical-way at the moment)is that I am incredibly tired and frustrated with compsci and formal methods right now.

I feel behind, I feel like the idiot of the class as a result, and it kind of feels what I imagine suffocating to be like.. only slightly less intense.

Have I mentioned in here that my mom is the most wonderful person?

She called me up (when I happened to be in a moment of suffocation), and told me that she only wanted to call because she suddenly thought of me and something told her that she should call.. and because she "really missed me".. it was very sweet of her considering I've been talking to her on the phone on an average of once a day.. and I mean, when you talk to someone consistently, I guess I find it hard to say you really 'miss' someone when you hear from them every day.. but at the same time, of course I know how it goes.
*chuckles* Apparently she was cooking and thinking about how she wished I was there in the kitchen with her (as I sometimes stand by and watch her)..


just some sweetness that brightened my otherwise sad night.