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Friday, October 01, 2004

haha.. ok, last post of the night (I had blogger withdrawal for -2 days- this past week *GASP* hehe.. eh yeah.. so I'm making up for it with the most random posts possible)


I thought there was the potential I was going blind this past week. No joke. I was staying up late hours, waking at crazy early hours, and thought that the "cloudy vision" in the corner of my eyes (and sometimes when I blinked over my entire eye) was simply due to a lack of sleep. But then I got sleep.. and it still came back sometimes when I blinked.. or for periods of time. And even though it was bugging me, it was always something that went away after a few minutes.. or I could still *see*, but I couldn't see exactly clearly....

so after talking with this supervisor lady today at this volunteer thing I do (which today was quite unusual I should say), she started freaking me out with the potential of having what she called.. "a floater" or as severe as a disease and/or cataract. I freaked out, started calling my mom to see what she thought I should do.. *she* freaked out once I called her (ugh, knew I shouldn't have called her), and then I was on the hunt for an optometrist.

To make it short: I was calling optometrists and it didn't look like I was going to get in for weeks at some places due to my hectic schedule and their hectic schedule clashing. Me, wanting to just get the job done, went to the nearest clinic I knew (right up some stairs in a plaza area) .. told them my predicament.. and it turns out there's an optometrist right across the street!

Now it's Malibu so I'm thinking I'm gonna be charged a frickin arm and leg to get in, but it turns out I have some sort of visual healthcare aside from normal healthcare (man.. benefits rock.. I have no idea how people make it in this society without having a healthcare plan.. which is why Bush and anyone else stands in the way of allowing EVERYONE the benefit of BENEFITS does not have my vote).. I seriously don't know where I'd be without insurance this year.. I just *think* something is wrong and -bam- .. taken care of. I seriously don't take it for granted either.

anyway. so I walk in.. he's naturally BOOKED.. but since I showed up at the 'right time' (thanks God), they just had me fill in some paper work to become a new patient there and I was seen immediately before the other person arrived for their *scheduled* appointment.

I was given a fairly lengthy eye exam ("can you see THIS row? THAT row? Which row looks better when I switch these lenses?")... and nothing was wrong with my vision.. still perfecto apparently! woot. But THAT meant.. since something IS wrong with my vision.. it could be an internal problem?

sooo.. my eyes were checked for internal problems.. turns out they're just SUPER dry (probably from season change, as he put it?) and I was prescribed some special eyedrops and rinse. And FIRST time I've used it.. I feel SO much better! god I have no idea how I got through those past three exams with my eyes being like they were! No -wonder- I was struggling so painfully to stay up. I was still getting at least 5-6 hrs. of sleep at night, but it was frickin' painful trying to study when I was.

-- -- --

On a huge sidenote. . . (since something just happened that reminded me of this..) My apartment is trippy. seriously. At night crazy things happen.. such as.. bread just randomly falling from the top of the fridge (I hear it from my room and then go to check out what it was and find it lying in the middle of the floor).. my door opening suddenly.. and just now.. I swear I heard two of the pans that I just washed clashing together or on the table.. then I go out there to see if my roomies are back.. and NOPE. heh. anyway. I don't care.