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Following Through With 'That Thought'

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Needless to say I am a little more than pissed off with myself at the moment.

haha.. but whatever.. I've been wanting to do it and now I've done it, so I no longer have to contemplate about doing it. My philosophy.. with buying.. with doing anything that isn't absolutely necessary (such as cutting and dying hair).. don't do it impulsively - wait for a little while (if the opportunity is most likely going to remain open)and see if it keeps crossing your mind. If it does -- you know it's something you want to do/buy. If it doesn't -- it was more of an impulsive thing to do for the time.

haha.. it's the Disneyland-syndrome.. people buy crazy-impulsively there. Granted, the opportunity may not *always* be open to buy whatever that thing is that the person is wanting to buy *at that very moment* in Disneyland, but often people will buy some crazy thing like a 'light up wand' that is great for that entire day. Afterwards, back in reality at home, you're left wondering... 'was this really necessary?' Because.. really.. when are you ever going to light up that colorful wand-thing again? There's always sentimental value though, I suppose. But pictures can do that too, and they reflect a lot more on the experience.

The point is... I've been wanting to cut/dye my hair, so today I did just that. Cut and highlights (not compelte dying -- 2nd time highlights *ever*.. haha.. proud of that fact 'cause my hair is oober-healthy). But I'm not very happy with it. I said KEEP IT FAIRLY LONG BUT SOME LAYERS TOO. ..... frickin' A... I thought I could trust this lady to understand that.. but now I realize I should have just said.. 'only a trim'... because "fairly long" means it can be bobbing just barely past my shoulders apparently with higher layers.

HIghlights are good (a little bright right now, but they'll mellow, and they're already o-k as they are).. but they'd look a lot better if the haircut wasn't extreme-styled.

*looks in the reflection of a window*

I have a bob for a ponytail. :( lol... it's a kinda cute sporty look.. but I'm too conscious right now to leave it down. I'll have to do some experimenting with my own styling later. I love that... hehe, the first time washing your hair after getting it cut.. and then seeing what you can do with it.. hopefully I can *do* something I like. There's so many frickin layers that I better be able to do something.

Pissed though because I SWORE to myself I wanted my hair to be long-long because it hasn't been that way since..... forever. But it felt like it was just dragging me down with no personality to it, I've been stressed, and I wanted something to make me feel 'renewed'.. soooo.. haha.. maybe this is just right.