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A (deterred) Attempt Down A Dangerous Road

Saturday, October 02, 2004

This is me attempting to be more "bloggeral" (my dubbed term for "cultural", in the blogger sense..) . . because every now and then I like to do this (when I'm really supposed to be getting a lot of work/studying done and am finding my last avenue for procrastination)

Enter New Blog:
You Must Click Yes to get Access..

Ok.. select No.. I don’t want access if I need something special..

You Must Click yes to get Access.. (pops up again)

Click No again..

You Must Click yes to get Access..


You Must Click yes to get Access..

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *freaks out and closes all open windows*
- - -

haha. ohmylord. WHY must blogger browsing be so difficult!? I hate blogs that are so fancy that you can't find your way around or out of them!

Unfortunately, after clicking many many times the convenient "next blog" button, and going through the episode above several times .. the only stuff I found is below.. that is worth noting for the minimal ( ) marked next to it. Unfortunately I didn't find any content. But I guess that's good to some extent.. because I really shouldn't go any farther on this road of procrastination.
(leaving links out so they can't be clicked from this blog.. haha, thus traced back to me)
haha.. the first blog that I found. Was esp. feelin' the yellow animated icon (made me laugh)
Is it bad that I want to take blogs like this and destroy them? Or find the writer and ask how the hell can they be so delusional/ignorant?
dude.. I want this girl’s hair in the photograph! (been thinking a lot about changing hair lately) lol.. true she’s absolutely beautiful and the style might look wacky on me.. but I still <3 the style
I am so-ready to put some foundation of music to my own blog after this one! *cracks up* .. Undeeeer the seeeeeeeeea!… .. *stops singing* … ahem. But I’m serious. Then again, maybe it’s just one more accessory I don’t need here.