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Cultural Contradiction

Sunday, October 24, 2004

"A culture is defined partly by the values its people should have (even if they slip sometimes in putting those values into practice). One value in the United States is that Americans are members of a classless society. The U.S. Declaration of Independence states that 'all men are created equal.' This cultural value includes the belief that given access to universally available education and the possibilities people have to imporove themselves through hard work, anybody who tries can move upward within society. The research findings that indicate advantages given to middle-class children are at odds with this value. These findings are uncomfortable for Americans to consider because they have so little experience discussing social class."
Brislin, Richard. Understanding Culture's Influence on Behavior... etc. citation (haha, lazy.. look it up on amazon)

Nothing 'enlightening' there, really, but just something out of this book I have to read for a class which gets my mind all fired up about the general ignorance in this country. Or at least I hope it's ignorance (this paragraph kind of suggests it is.. but I don't think that makes it 'OK' at the same time).