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Change Of Plans Part II

Sunday, October 24, 2004

So.. I'm glad I never talked about the change of plans to begin with (no promises that there won't be a part III ..)

wow.. so this is just turning out to be.. An amazing "series" of posts I have going here, I must say. It's average-enough for the common viewer, yet complex for those who delve into each word. Which makes it.. yes, the best series ever.

haha..... ok..... .. I'm just being really sarcastic right now and it's probably not obvious, so I'm just going to shut up and stop amusing myself. :) ha.

(is it so wrong that I find a lot of humor in who I am?.. I mean.. I really cannot make a frickin' decision until the last minute.. asking a million what-ifs.. constantly contriving the scenarios/consequences as a result of my decisions... honestly, it's me finding humor in being weird is what it is. lol. oh well. today I filled out a little survey thing, and it asked something like.. "If you could trade some of your negative aspects in equal amounts with the positive.. what would you do?" .. and I think I answered with: "I'd stress less about the small things and increase spontaneity." I think that applies here especially in this situation. Basically, I'd like to trade indecision for assuredness. But honestly, that's not really something I can just "change" with a snap. It's really a part of my character. Maybe therapy will help with this.. lol.. as a psych. major now.. therapy is *always* the answer..
patient-- "Is something wrong with me? I have a hard time making quick decisions.."
psychologist --- "Yes, I think you need therapy my dear."

Anyway, I hate to poke fun at the field of clinical psychology.. because.. I guess it feels like something I should at least support (in their effort) .. but sometimes it seems like it can jump to some extreme conclusions (for treatment) without fully understanding the situation and/or psychopathology.


the end.)