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The Image We Endorse

Friday, September 24, 2004

uuh. so I happen to be watching this show on E.. "Dr. 90210".. and it perfectly replicates everything I hate about the area I live in.
L.A/Malibu is a beautiful area, but the problem lies within the people who live here.. who seemingly can't find the true beauty within themselves and the comfort in reflecting that beauty through their physical appearance.

I mean, on this show, we're not talking girls who are *at-all* ugly, but who are actually really beautiful .. and usually, imo, the outcome of plastic surgery/other-aesthetic-things.. look completely unnatural and gross.

Funny how ALL of these people on this show are right in my backyard though. Bel Air? Yes. Malibu? Uh-huh. LA? Yep. "It's difficult for women here because there's so much competition to live up to a flawless appearance, whereas in any other part of the country they'd stand out as absolutely beautiful" (quotation from a doctor on the show).

I guess this is why I'm -so- against the concept of image. I detest it. I think it's important to take care of your body, but I think living up to the standards this society portrays as "beautiful" is absolutely ridiculous. The money people waste on it. The effort. The time. The stress. . I don't buy into fads (unless it's a 'fad' I find naturally comfortable/unique-cool-idea), and I continuously resist the urge to dye my hair (something I kind of just want to do for fun/experimental) because I can't help but feel it might not just be for my personal "fun" but because I'm buying into the crap that I need to be blonde-haired to be beautiful.. black to be 'seducing'... black-undertones-with-blonde-layers-over-scraggly-look (the huge thing right now).

This 'image' thing is a little difficult for me to deal with here because of the superficiality I feel lies within it. When people on Skidrow are dying and in need of healthcare, and we can't pay our damn taxes just a little-more (or force the responsibility of the 'burden' on the middle class) because we're too busy and concerned with buying our next Gucci bag.

It seriously makes me irrate.

"I just think it's sad in LA that you get the impression that you have to be smaller, and thinner, and more perfect all the time."

Another quotation on the show...

what I don't get.. why do they keep advocating how SAD it is on this show and at the same time show these doctors performing the surgery?.. essentially advocating that it's ok.. and that 'everyone's doing it.'

Heh.. people often tell me I'm 'so small'.. when I feel just pretty regular, and granted, I'm pretty lucky because I don't struggle with my weight and still eat whatever I want. But.. I don't know.. I really think people have different bone structures and whatnot, and if you're 'regular'.. the philosophy you should live by as far as food.. just eat what you want - trying to get as well rounded as you can in your diet, whenever you want, and in proportions (never past the feeling of 'just right/full'). I guess what I'm trying to say, this may be from a skewed perspective since I don't truly know what it feels like to be 'overweight'?.. but I just think there's a healthier way to manage it than the extremes some people are going to. And as far as the other physical things you can't change.. learn to embrace it and let your personality shine.

I mean, granted, everyone likes to look 'nice'.. and I think that's all good and fine because it shows respect for yourself (having your haircut, clean clothes, etc..), but I think there's a fine line between taking care of yourself and becoming addicted to pampering yourself with unnecessary 'extras'. Heh, I could go out and buy a new car for myself RIGHT NOW if I wanted - yeah.. and it could be a pretty nice car if I wanted.. but I don't because it's an extravagant 'extra' that is unnecessary when I already have a useful car, though obsolete, that gets me around everywhere fine. The only reason I would buy a new car is because this society tells me I need the best rockin' car on the market that states my status as a human being. Well, I don't want anyone to buy into that with me, nor with my physical appearance.. I certainly don't want my friends picking me for the clothes I wear or the car I drive, and I definitely don't want a guy to notice me for the latter.