Sullen v.5



Dear Derek

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

wow Derek, (hehe, not Der* anymore since you identify yourself on your journal) this is scary. heh.. I dunno if it was because someone 'spiked' your drink or what, but I had a feeling a series of bad things might happen based upon the drinking (made evident in your away messages) + what you've been posting on your journal lately. Blah, I'm a 'psych'-person now.. finally beginning to get into a major and building my knowledge-bank in this area... so I knew mixing the two meant for bad times.. although the alcohol was tempting because, like you said in your journal (just want to be clear that I'm not putting words in your mouth), it was providing a temporary relief. Unfortunately it really exacerbates the problem - made evident by how hard everything rebounded.

I was trying to get ahold of you to talk before this (not sure if you got my away message), because I know you tried the other day but I was going to have a panick attack (not quite the same issue though because I've learned to control it over years) of my own if I didn't take care of what I felt I needed to at that time.

I feel terrible though. I really felt strongly something like this was going to happen if I didn't get the chance to talk to you, blah, and it did. :/

We need to talk though. Catch up.. nothing serious even if you don't really want to get into it, but I don't mind listening and giving you my perspective at the same time.

Hope you feel better - get some rest.. stay away from the alcohol.. even if you don't think you're using it as a 'relief', heh, best advice right now is to stay away from it for numerous reasons.

p.s. -- I assume if you post something like this on your journal that you don't mind me giving my perspective in my own journal. If you do mind, of course, please let me know. This is just a convenient way for me to pass my message on to you since our schedules when we're around seem to clash at times.